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What We Do

Klass Kitchens

Much importance is given to the modular kitchens in mumbai these days as it easily adjusts to persons taste and preference. We offer our customers modular kitchens with ubiquitous functions and managing enormous range of supplies without spending a majority budget. The modular kitchen that we provide is integrated with standardized units to accommodate various electrical appliances and kitchen utensils of different shape and size.

Klass Home

We think all good things that happen by chance are God`s way of assuring us that he is always walking with us and so it was Klass@Home with me It is rare that you come across ideas by chance or we can say somethings were destined to happen. It is during our journey to understand the nuance of modern day urban living, we understood the challenges faced by individuals while setting up their new homes or redoing their existing ones.

Vama Cucine

Established since 1990, Vama has acquired the knowhow, the experience and the tradition of of a model of success. The company with a solid tradition that has its roots in the historical production of the marches region, n Italy`s Adriatic coast, has been able to renew itself over the years, The made in Italy craft heritage has encountered technological innovation and management efficiency to provide you with a product that is unique yet abundant in class.

Klass Office Systems

Klass Interior Design

Klass Cubicles

Our Process

  • Meet up, Brief, Understand
  • Ideate
  • Design
  • Build and Execute
  • Handover and Testimonial

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