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Italian Kitchens

Klass Kitchens is our range of Indianised and contemporary kitchens with emphasis on style and functionality and designed with the sole aim of maximizing space utility. Using BWP marine Ply and Hardware from reputed German companies, the idea is to give an efficient and long lasting kitchen that sustains the rigorous nature of indianised cooking for a lifetime to come. Klass Kitchens unlike our counterparts gives the option of modular cum fusion kitchen which gives you the flexibility of retaining the existing civil structure with the convenience and looks of a modular kitchen.

At the onset we would like to say that Vama Cucine is a trusted Italian modular kitchen brand across Europe, North America and Middle east based in S.ippolitto [PU] Italy and we are privileged to bring these wonderful kitchen ranges to our India.

Established since 1990, Vama has acquired the knowhow, the experience and the tradition of of a model of success. The company with a solid tradition that has its roots in the historical production of the marches region, n Italy`s Adriatic coast, has been able to renew itself over the years, The made in Italy craft heritage has encountered technological innovation and management efficiency to provide you with a product that is unique yet abundant in class.

At Vama, we appreciate the integral part a kitchen plays in one`s home and lifestyle and like you know that an appealing kitchen is a sizable selling point for any property. With a wide range of product from, stunningly modern to beautifuly classic, Vama has a large catalogue of stylesand options that are sure to fulfill all your desires.

Already successfully operating throughout Europe including the UK and Russia, and also in the United States, Vama is sure to be well equipped to cater for any order, whether it be a single kitchen or a large contract. Its dynamic team situated at the helm of the company has the ability to accomdate your needs through its facility to customize any kitchen. With every step of production carried out within the same plant, Vama Cucine is able to offer significant cost saving in comparison with other European suppliers, however yet maintaining its Vintage Italian quality.

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