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At Klass Interiors, we believe that every design, simple or complex can become an object of innovation. Our USP is providing out of the box solutions to standard problems. The outcome is furniture that is contemporary, functional and refreshingly different.

As we`ve grown our passion for design has deepened. Design drives everything that we do – our processes, our product line and our business identity. Even as we place design at the centre of everything we do, we strongly believe that people are at the centre of design. Our team makes intelligent use of their life experiences to execute user friendly design ideas.


Our work is guided and anchored by our client`s requirements, yet has wide enough scope to make the most of the available resources, our strong focus on delivering unsurpassed quality and meeting the highest standards is easily noticeable in our varied executions. Our designs are characterized by not only simplicity but also by distinct lines and elegant forms incorporate a sense of movement, flexibility, as well as scalability. This is vital for growing organizations looking to expand their operations.

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